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Acupuncture with Electrical Stimulation, or without Electrical Stimulation is Available

Dr. Jay Stanley is our certified acupuncturist and has been treating patients with acupuncture since 1974. Dr. Jay was one of the first acupuncturists in the United States, after President Nixon's visit to China. James Reston was a NY Times journalist who accompanied the President to China, and at the time ended up needing an emergency appendectomy and was treated with acupuncture for the pain. Impressed by this treatment, Mr. Reston decided to document his amazing experience and success with acupuncture in a NY Times article. Intrigued by the possibilities of this treatment, US Senator Paul Laxalt of Nevada decided to bring some acupuncturists from China to teach American doctors acupuncture at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). At the time, Dr. Stanley was practicing chiropractic in Las Vegas and attended these classes! Nevada was the first state to license acupuncture. Rest assured that Dr Stanley's genuine care for his patients accompanied with his half-century's worth of experience will give you the optimal care and experience at Stanley Family Health. Click below and book today!

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